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Idle Thoughts In a World Full of Chaos!

It appears the world is about to come out of the latest pandemic.  There have been pandemics before.  One of those being some 100 years ago when the Spanish Flu and Typhoid fever brought havoc to many parts of the world.  Most of us were not alive then and of course don't recall those events.  So, we think that the Covid pandemic is the worst that the world has ever experienced.  The bible in Ecclesiastes speaks of how life repeats itself.  What we think is new has happened before.  We as people just don't pay enough attention to history to learn from events of the past.  We get caught up in our own situations and do not even care of the "answers" are in the past.  Prior to those pandemics World War I had just ended.  Nineteen years after those pandemics, the world was embroiled in the beginnings of the second world war.  Now as we come out of Covid, Russia is engaged in a war against Ukraine.  Some things just never change.  That is our fate as humanity.